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Friday, October 30, 2009

3 Months and Counting

My precious little girl turn 3 months old this past Wednesday. Time really flies by. What a treat she is to have. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to raise her. Kaylin has been growing learning a lot. The last time we took her to the doctor, she weighed in at 9 lbs 7 ozs. and measured to 23 3/4" long. Recently, she discovered her hands. That seems to be her thing now. We can tell a lot about her mood by what she is doing with her hands. If the hands are in her mouth and she is smiling, she is happy and content. If her hands are in her mouth and she is cranky, you had better be getting ready to feed her. If her hands are over her eyes, she is sleepy.

Tomorrow she will take part in her first Halloween. She will be a zebra. We found her costume at Walmart in Rogers, AR. Her Mimi and mom made a mane for the hood of the costume. She is absolutely adorable. I will have to post some pictures of her. I have mixed feelings about trick or treating tomorrow night since the Razorbacks are playing at 6, but I guess that is why I have a DVR.

It has been a long last two weeks for the Davis family. Last week I was gone Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to an accountants' meeting in Texarkana, AR-TX. Mollie had a meeting in Memphis on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Well, Kaylin and I joined Mollie on Monday and Tuesday nights after work. That meant that I had to commute from Memphis to Forrest City Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, but it was worth it for us all to be together. Mollie and I are wore out. We plan to stay home tonight and watch the new Transformers movie. Sleeping in tomorrow morning is also in the game plan. Oh well, I guess that is all I got.

Until next time!

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