"Choose you this day whom you will serve....as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." - Joshua 24:15

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Alone

Well, as usual, it has been forever and a blue moon since I last blogged so I do apologize. Daddy's little girl is just 2 days away from being 6 months old. Man how time flies! It has been so much fun the last 6 months being Kaylin's daddy. Watching her learn to roll over and over and over has been a lot of fun. She is hitting all of the milestones right on schedule. She is now sitting up too. I think that the days of laying down are over. Kaylin doesn't like to lay down, she wants to sit up so she can see everything that is going on.

I must say that something big happened this past Sunday night prior to the kickoff of the Vikings/Saints game. We have hardwood floors so we will lay out a couple layers of blankets on the floor for Kaylin to play on. Well, the game was at commercial so I got down in the floor with her to play. I pulled her over towards me and what came out of her mouth? "DA-DA!!! Yes, it was a proud moment for me. Mollie was in the other room, but Kaylin said it so loud and so clear that Mollie came running in the room. I asked her, "Did she just say what I thought she did?" Mollie confirmed that she heard it too. Kaylin doesn't know what she said, but her daddy will take it and will never forget it!

Mollie has some meetings in Fayetteville today. Her boss, who has been more than accommodating for Mollie, told her that if she had someone who could watch Kaylin while she was in meetings, that she could bring her. Since I was fresh out of vacation time, Mollie, who didn't feel like she could leave Kaylin yet, coerced her mom into going up there with her to babysit. That means that daddy was home alone last night. Usually, that doesn't bother me, but now things are different. Not wanting to sit in the house missing them all night, I called up my old man. Mom is gone too, so we decided that we would have a guys night. After a trip to Jonesboro to eat and then swinging over around Newport to pick up something from my aunt's and then passing through Hickory Ridge, and rolled in around ten o'clock. We had a really good time reminiscing about the good ole days. We drove past my grandmother's old house. Man, the memories are so sweet. Sadly, none of my family lives in Hickory Ridge anymore. Sad. So, as I was saying we finally got home around ten o'clock. This was great, so I thought. Now I could just come in and go to bed....I wish. The last thing I remember was looking at the clock at 3:30 am and thinking how my dad was about to get up and I hadn't even been to sleep yet. I don't sleep well when Mollie is gone. I hate it. Needless to say, I did get some work done, but I sooooo look forward to them being home again. I will be making a beeline for home come five o'clock. When I was growing up my dad used to talk about how he just liked it when everyone was home. It just made him feel better and it used to annoy me because I have always liked to be on the go. Well, I have to say I sure do like it when everyone is at home!